Auto Glass

Broken glass? Call or come in to get a quote on new glass or we can help you find out if your insurance policy covers it.

We carry original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality Auto Glass and can get what you need within a day (special orders excluded).

Do you have comprehensive insurance with a deductible? If so, you do not need to contact your insurance company, we do that all for you here at the shop. Just call or come in, book your appointment, get your glass ordered and when you come in for your appointment we will do the claim right then.

Procedure for getting new glass in your vehicle

  • Contact us at any time or just come into the shop.
  • Tell us the year, make and model of your vehicle, which glass we’ll be repairing and a few more specific questions about your vehicle.
  • Let us know if you have comprehensive insurance, if not we can provide you with a quote.
  • Book an appointment. We can usually have the glass ready for you within a day.
  • Come in for your appointment and make sure to bring your insurance papers with you.

A list of common Insurance companies

  • ICBC - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • CNS - Canadian Northern Shield Insurance
  • Canadian Direct Insurance
  • Family Insurance
  • Intact Insurance
  • BCAA Insurance
  • Belron Insurance
  • AXA Insurance

Plus anything else you may have that is out of Province or Country.

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