About Us

We have Government Certified Glass Technicians on staff and we are ICBC Glass Express Certified. Serving the Cowichan Valley for over 110 years. Family Owned and Operated since 1903.

A Little History

Dobson’s is the longest successful running business in Duncan, starting out as Dobson’s Paint in late 1898 by William Dobson.

William Dobson arrived in Duncan from Lancashire, England in 1898, following his brother Christopher who was already the proprietor of a wheelwright shop at the corner of Craig and Station Streets.

In 1903 Dobson’s Paint became a limited company, working in the valley as a sign painter, and a paint contractor out of his home.

In the early days William would put his equipment onto a wheelbarrow and wheel it over to the work site, renting a horse and buggy if it was further away. He would then set up a tent and stay until the job was done.

In 1930 William moved the business to a stable on Kenneth St. then in the early 1940’s William opened the glass shop but in 1948 William passed away and Dobson’s Paint & Glass was taken over by William’s Sons George Dobson and Jack Dobson. George Dobson bought out his Brother Jack 10 years later. George ran Dobson’s as a successful paint and glass shop alongside his two Sons Bob and Rick and his Daughter Dee.

In the early 1980’s Rick Dobson started running Dobson’s Paint & Glass and eventually buying out his Brother Bob and Sister Dee after George passed away in 2000. Rick continued running Dobson’s Paint & Glass until 2009.

The Story Behind Ralph

Ralph Pritchett grew up living across the street from Dobson’s Paint & Glass (where the CVRD building is now). He was hired by George Dobson as a clean-up kid in 1976 when he was 16 years old.

Ralph Pritchett and Rick Dobson worked alongside each other for 33 years, Ralph moving up from clean-up kid, to Glazier, to managing the business. In 2009 Rick and Ralph split up the business with Ralph purchasing the Glass side and renaming it Dobson’s Glass Ltd.

Dobson’s Glass Ltd has been a successful, family-run business since the late 1890’s. As of 2009, Ralph continues the legacy by running Dobson’s alongside his son Lucas, three daughters Stacie, Jill and Tori, and 5 other employees as of 2019.

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